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  • Believed to be the final revelation (not inspiration) of Allah.
  • Believed to be preserved on an eternal tablet in heaven.
  • Believed it is the record of exact words revealed to Mohammad by Gabriel in Arabic, the holy language of Allah and the Qur’an.
  • Many Muslims believe the Qur’an is uncreated
  • Believed to be the exact word of God, any criticism is unacceptable-It is not to be analyzed, criticized, or challenged.

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Explore the Quran like never before. Study and analyze every verse in context. Search topically or by keywords using the search tool.

Discover the history and meaning of each verse according to Islamic scholars and traditions through critical analysis and extensive, rich research.

Empower and equip yourself with accessible tools and resources to answer your questions and bring light to others.

THEQURAN.COM – MAKES THE DIFFERENCE’s content is presented by Muslim scholars who are considered expert on Islam. Most of them are former Muslims who studied Islam since childhood. These are just a few of the aspects in the Quran they address:


To abrogate means to annul or cancel something with appropriateor legal authority. A school of Quranic study suggests that earlier verses were abrogated by later versions, thus creating contradictory rulings of Islamic revelation. This has been highlighted by Muslim scholars throughout the centuries.


There are differences in language grammar, historical references, mathematical information, geographical references, and scientific deficiencies.These issues are within a version of the Qur’an (Hafs), and between different other Arabic versions of the Qurán.


Muslims argue that the Qur’an was so brilliantly written that it wasthe embodiment of literary excellence. However, as a literary work, it contains incomplete sentences, grammatical errors, foreign words, and repetitions of certain verses and words.

Variant Readings

Muslims believe that their prophet only delivered one copy of the Quran from paradise to earth. In reality there are several versions of the Quran in Arabic. highlights the subtleties between these versions, explaining their significance.



The app’s easy-to-use search tool makes it accessible for anyone interested in a cursory reference or an in-depth topical study. It yields categorical results from Quranic verses on topics such as Women, Jews, Death, People of the Book, Jesus, and Others.

One of the biggest insights offers is how the Quran relates to today’s culture:

  • What does the Quran say about Jesus?
  • How does the Quran address jihad?
  • Can Muslims help non-Muslims?
  • What are women’s rights under the Quran?
  • These are some of the top Googled questions regarding the Quran. ’s experts address these topics and many more, not by reciting nominal talking points, but through rigorous historical and religious Islamic exegesis.


Provides a safe place for beginning users and experienced researchers to share thoughts and ideas with each other.
Creates common ground for engaging conversation about the Quran.
Offers Quranic study and analysis with courses, short lessons, as well as quotes from the Quran – including thought-provoking questions for discussion.
Allows social media sharing of quotes or thoughts from within the app.
Enable notifications and reminders directly to desktops or mobile devices.


A group of former Muslims and professional Islamic scholars who have a passion for Muslims and a desire to assist both Muslims and non-Muslims who seek to learn more about Islam’s holiest book, to research it, to critically analyze it, and to better comprehend its teachings without the traditional religious and cultural barriers designedto indoctrinate and encapsulate the minds of many truth seekers.

We Aim to dispel the following claims:

Muhammad Asad, Islamic Journalist

“Islam appears to me like a perfect work of architecture. All its parts areharmoniously conceived to complement and support each other; nothing issuperfluous and nothing lacking; and the result is a structure of absolute balanceand solid composure”.

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Quran 5:32

"Islam prohibits terrorism, for the Quran says whoever kills an innocent, it is as ifhe has killed all mankind.”

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Barack Hussein Obama

“For more than 1,000 years, people have been drawn to Islam’s message of peace.And the very word itself, Islam, comes from salam — peace."

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To develop iOS and Android apps and a website that will be the platform to present this information. We will create a community of objective discussion and become the go-to source for unbiased Quranic research.

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